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Our Lady of the Rockies

  • Our Lady of the Rockies

Most guests of our Butte inn ask us about the impressive statue of the Virgin Mary that stands high above our town. We are always happy to talk about her; she has a unique story behind her, and her existence reveals something about our community.

Our Lady of the Rockies sits atop the Continental Divide, 3,500 feet above Butte Montana. Her serene gaze has looked out over Butte since December, 1985 – a testament to the hard work of the volunteers who created her. She is the second largest statue in the United States, and the largest Madonna in the country. She is a tribute to women everywhere, especially mothers.

The idea for her first came to a local man whose wife was seriously ill with cancer; he had promised the Virgin Mary that he would build a statue in honor of her if his wife recovered. When his wife did recover, the man fulfilled his promise – with the help of many members of his community. The statue ended up being much larger than originally planned, and in a much more public location.

From her perch at 8510 ft above sea level, she presides over the Rockies and our town. People from all over contribute to keep her lit at night, and in so doing they create a memorial to someone they love. Even folks who are not religious have a hard time not being touched in her presence. She is love.

So be sure to look for Our Lady of the Rockies when you are heading to our Butte lodging. Night or day, she is there. She is part of what makes Butte a special place.