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La Casa Toscana

Authentic Italian Cuisine in a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Open: Wednesday - Saturday
Hours: 4pm - 9pm
Cost: $$
Group Size: Up to 22

About La Casa Toscana

La Casa Toscana Italian Food and Catering Services offers authentic Italian cuisine in a family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Meals are based on recipes handed down from one generation to another, with just a few changes to "fine tune them for a new generation." 

The restaurant has remained relatively small, by choice. The owners feel that they can retain intimate, personal surroundings by limiting seating to five tables and a maximum of 22 guests. The result is the staff is able to treat you as a dinner guest, rather than just a customer.

La Casa Toscana opened in 2014, although they have been making gourmet lasagna--using buffalo, elk, and antelope--for over 35 years. The owners still specialize in gourmet lasagna, but, of course, offer many other classic Italian dishes.

  • Phone: 406-299-2890
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What to Expect

La Casa Toscana specializes in gourmet lasagna. Their lasagna has been described as "light and fluffy." It includes custom white sauces, rather than ricotta cheese or cottage cheese, which the cooks say helps blend flavors from the meats and vegetables. Meats can be elk, buffalo, chicken, or lamb. Vegetarian-style lasagna is also available. Other ingredients include handmade pasta and fresh mozzarella cheese.

The folks at La Casa Toscana go to great lengths to use the freshest ingredients available. All pasta is made by hand. Most meats and vegetables originate in Butte, and seafood is typically purchased fresh from Seattle, Washington.

When you visit La Casa Toscana, be sure to try their signature salad dressing. It's a parmesan dill dressing, based on an old family recipe. It's made fresh daily and can purchased by the jar for home use.

La Casa Toscana also offers catering services, with prices based on the number of guests and the specific menu items ordered. You can choose from gourmet lasagna, gnocchi, chilean sea bass, ravioli, chicken, filet mignon, and various salads. Up to 50 dinner guests can be accommodated. Contact the restaurant for more details.


Wonderful dinner! Wonderful atmosphere! Wonderful staff! Our first time there 2-14-20, the steak and lobster was phenomenal!
Dinner. TinaMcIntosh, Trip Advisor
This restaurant is my favorite in all of Butte. A classy restaurant you’ll be proud to enjoy with clientele, family or friends. The food is incredible, the wine menu exquisite, and the atmosphere is high class. A true gem!
Incredible place to eat with a sophisticated atmosphere! C8230MDmichellem, Trip Advisor
The BEST Italian we’ve ever had! Such a great addition to Butte. Thank you Sonia for taking a chance in Butte, MT. The food was so fresh and we left satisfied! The best part would be the beautiful ambiance and the friendly, knowledgeable crew. Our waiter was fantastic! And Sonia truly cares if you feel at home and that everything is just perfect for your visit. We will definitely be back!!
Italian. MTBIGSKeYE, Trip Advisor
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